Thursday, March 16, 2006


I love this movie. Will Smith equals yummy, even with his taxi-door ears. But the thing that gets me about this movie more than anything else is the robot, Sonny. I don't know why, but in my opinion this completely CG character has more soul and personality than most of the living and breathing actors in Hollywood today. He just seems like a nice person (OK, I know he's not a person, but you know what I mean). To be frank, I'd take an hour in Sonny's company over an aftrnoon with Tom Cruise - now hasn't that guy turned into a complete wacko!

There are elements of the story that annoy me (like why didn't the Doctor just invite Will Smith's cop over for a chat and TELL him what was going on? Did he really have to throw himself out a window?) but, despite my repeated veiwing of the film - it's my 'background noise' when I write - I can't find too much to winge about. If we were to talk about Star Wars Ep 3 on the other hand.....