Saturday, May 12, 2007

I Can't Believe It!!

I've actually up-dated my website... well, my husband-slash-webmaster has. I really, really need to be more diligent. *sigh*

Anyways - this month at I share some exciting news, interview Mikala Ash, erotic sci-fi/paranormal author from my own Land of Oz, highlight the very delicious Sam Worthington, a young and hot actor in my Aussie Hunk of the Month page AAAAANNNNDDDD I've posted a new contest which gives the lucky winner a $15 Changeling Press shopping spree!

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Cerebral coasting...

OK, I'm in an odd mood today. Not sure why. Could have something to do with the fact I'm 18 (or 19) weeks pregnant I guess, but still. I'm sad, I'm a bit short tempered, I'm tired, I'm blue.....

So, what's wrong with me? I'm waiting to hear from a publisher that I've submitted my first full-length mss to. I know the editor likes the first three chapters because I sent them to her while the book was still being written, but what if she hates the rest of the book? I have at least another month to wait before I'll hear from her and it's very distracting. I promised myself I wouldn't do this - panic and begin to doubt the book when I sent it off - but now... I need a mental slap. *slap!* Owww! Damn, that hurt!

My husband and I went and saw Spiderman 3 last weekend. It was good, but it should have been better. One of the problems for me with the Spiderman franchise is the casting of Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker/Spiderman. Not a good choice, IMO. But he has done an OK job and I keep forking out the dollars to watch the films on the big screen. I loved Spiderman (the cartoon and the comics) as a kid, and do enjoy the movies, but the third one could have been better. Too long, too cheesy and too much Kirsten Dunst. Some of the humour sequences were really funny, but damn, the 'romantic drama' between Parker and MJ was just painful and poorly written. Hmmmm, now I'm sounding bitchy, aren't I.

Does anyone ever read this blog? Actually, I know the odd person does (and thank you to everyone who sent me congratulatory emails about my pregnancy). See? Told you I was in an odd mood today.

I'm going to see Pink tonight in concert. I should be more excited, but what I'd really love to do is just go to bed. LOL. I know I'll love it - she's an energetic performer and I really like most of her songs. There's a whole bunch of us girls going to see her. Actually, my husband's a little pissed off, because he would have loved to see Pink in concert (probably more than me, I think).

So, what else is storming around in the lump of grey matter between my ears? We were offered a free kitten on Monday. A little short-haired black female. The offer has been an itch in the back of my head ever since. I know Peanut would love a kitten (probably more than a brother or sister) but how do we explain the little bundle of fluff to our mutt? He's huge, old and very territorial. I've seen him destroy a bush rat in ten seconds flat! How would he respond to a kitten?

I love the shows 'Heroes' and 'House' and 'Scrubs'. I've heard Scrubs is coming to an end soon which is a shame. Zach Braff is very talented. But I tell you how I think is the most talented actor on telly at the moment - Hugh Laurie. Man, I don't know if you're familiar with his work on Blackadder but who would have thought Prince George could pull out such a power-house performance like Dr Gregory House???

OK, my daughter is climbing up my leg begging for attention. I'll leave you with two things...

1/ My new contest - A simple contest this month. All you need to do is be a member of my newsletter group and you’re in the draw. I will be giving one lucky member a $15 shopping spree at Changeling Press, so if you want to be in the running and you’re not a member jump over to
And become one before the end of the month! See? Simple.

2/ An unedited (and explicit) excerpt from The Boundaries: Awakenings (my July Changeling Press release) - The Pellaxion’s slitted pink gaze flicked from Tornada’s face to the stripped woman, taking in the small tattoo high on the line of her left shoulder. A gold tinge of approval shimmered over his shiny scales. “You bring a slave from the Raavelian Alpha Slave Camps? And you wish to trade her?” The pink stare left the woman’s naked form, returning to Tornada with a reluctance so obvious, Tornada almost laughed. If he could control his jealousy, that was.
He affected a disappointed frown. “Not by choice, Master Slaver. I have come into… how shall I put this… some financial difficulties and I must find the chits to keep my head on my shoulder before Hrung Crortek removes it.” He let his gaze fall to the bare, bowed back of the woman kneeling at his feet. “It pains me to part with Jai’Enna, but losing my head would pain me more.”
The Pellaxion burst into loud guffaws. “Wise, if not wealthy.” He reached down and dug the talons of his right hand into the woman’s chin, forcing her head up, and a wave of pure rage and protective anger roared through Tornada. He ground his teeth. Now was not the time to let his heart control his actions. Otherwise, $both he and Jai’Enna may end up dead.
“I have heard of the amazing talents of Raavelian Alpha slaves, but have never had the fortune of experiencing them.” He licked his lips, darting a look at Tornada. “Are they as good as they are rumoured to be?”
Tornada smiled, wide and satisfied. “Better.”
The Pellaxion crossed his arms across a chest both broad and muscled. “Prove it.”
A bitter wave of triumph washed over Tornada. Just the invitation he was wanting. “Slave,” he said, tugging on Jai’Enna’s leash. “Give the Master Slaver a blow job.”
The smooth, bowed back shifted as Jai’Enna made to move forward on her knees, sending a warm ribbon of something dangerous into Tornada’s groin.
“Stop,” the Pellaxion suddenly said, stepping back, pink eyes unreadable.
Tornada frowned. “You do not wish to know of her skill. It is a mind-altering experience.”
The Pellaxion grinned. “Oh, I wish to know of it, Trader.” His muscles flexed and his scales shimmered a faint orange. “But before her lips touch my cock, I wish to see what she can do with her mouth on you.”
Eyes narrowing, Tornada studied the Pellaxion. The hair at his nape prickled and his palm itched for his pulse pistol. The Master Slaver’s request was not normal. No slave trader in their right mind hesitated to accept a slave of the Raavelian Alpha camps, especially one as unique and sensual as Jai’Enna Ti. He let a look of confusion fall over his face. “Master Slaver?”
The Pellaxion’s scales shimmered orange again. “Consider it a gift, Trader. I can see how loathed you are to lose possession of the slave – your heart is in your eyes – so let me give you one last moment of rapture before she becomes my property.”
A wild beat hammered in Tornada’s neck. His gaze fell to Jai’Enna’s back. One moment of rapture…
He’d lost his title because of Jai’Enna. He’d been publicly humiliated because of Jai’Enna. Flogged almost to death by the man who once had been his future father-in-law because of Jai’Enna. Had lost any right to his Jjor privilege and station because of Jai’Enna.
Had lost his heart $to Jai’Enna. Never to get it back.
What he would give to feel her lips on his flesh once more. To feel her mouth pull on his cock, her teeth nip at its swollen tip, her tongue massage his rigid length until he screamed her name and erupted with his hot seed.
One moment of rapture…
He tightened his grip on her leash. His balls began to grow heavy, dark anticipation flooding them with hungry desire.
One moment…

OK, that's it.

Keep happy and be safe,