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Be back tomorrow with my resolutions!

Monday, December 11, 2006


Postcard Secrets

I stumbled upon it and stayed for hours. Some very deep, some very moving and some very disturbing stuff over there. Wow.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Boundaries: Agent

So here is the cover for my next release, The Boundaries: Agent (the middle installment in The Boundaries trilogy)

Pretty damn fine, don't you think?

And here's the blurb...

Intel-Patrol Corp agent, Jai’Enna Ti has gone rogue. Now that she’s saved her sister from a life of sexual slavery at the hands of a cruel crime lord, she is fighting a battle of a different kind -- one involving her heart and the brooding Boundary Guardian, Zeric Arctos.

Zeric has his own battle. An ancient curse renders him a savage beast unlike any the Boundaries has seen before. Once only anger triggered the change, but now his driving hunger for Jai’Enna is threatening to set the wolf free and he doesn’t know if he can control it.

When the head of the Intel-Patrol Corp sends an agent out to retrieve Jai’Enna, the two face a threat more dangerous than any before. Raq Tornada. Violent, tenacious and deadly, Raq is an agent to fear. He’s also Jai’Enna’s ex-lover -- with a score to settle.

The Outer Boundaries is a dangerous cesspool of sin, lust and depravity. And its about to get a whole lot wilder.

And here's an excerpt (be warned... it's very R rated)

The touch of his lips on her skin, so close to the throbbing centre of her sex – so tantalizingly close to its fluttering, clenching heat – made Jai’Enna suck in a swift breath. She curled her fingers into the tousled bed sheet beneath her, its silken texture like ice on her fevered flesh. Between her thighs, hands pressed to her knees, Zeric chuckled, the sound both devilish and sensual. “Is there something you want me to do, Jai’Enna?”
Jai’Enna closed her eyes, loving the way her name sounded like a growl in Zeric’s throat – an animalistic rumble of primordial desire. “Yes, Zeric,” she replied, her own voice almost a growl itself.
“What, Jai’Enna?” Zeric’s fingers raked up to the tense muscles in her thighs, holding her legs spread wide. His breath played against her hot, wet pussy and a ripple of tight anticipation shot up her spine, making her nipples pinch into rock-hard tips. “Tell me,” Zeric continued, lips pressed to her mons, “what you want me to do.”
She looked down the length of her body, across her heaving breasts and clenching stomach into intense gold eyes. Eyes that had burnt an indelible mark on her soul.
Her lips parted – to tell him to fuck her with his masterful, talented tongue, to suckle her sex and bite her clit. Her lips parted and she said…

And here's the buy link (hint hint)

The Boundaries: Agent - hot, raunchy deadly sex in space!


OMG! Check out this trailer for the next movie from the guys that gave us all Shaun of the Dead - one of the funniest movies ever made! It's hilarious!!

Hot Fuzz trailer!! Watch it NOW!!!!

Friday, December 01, 2006


Australian Idol this year was amazing (I've been an Aussie Idol Addict from Season 1) but I immediately became hooked on one entrants voice - Irish-born, Damien Leith. I lost track how often I voted but let me say, last Sunday night (after sitting for over FOUR hours on the steps of the Sydney Opera House) I lost my voice squealing with joy when HE WON!!!!

Damien Leith is not only 2006 Australian Idol but has one of the most amazing, hypnotic and beautiful voices I've heard.... and he seems like a truly nice bloke to boot.

So please head over to his myspace damien leith and check out who he is. Oh, and listen to his song Sky. It is haunting!
(And as soon as I work out how, I'll add the song to my own myspace page. Anyone care to tell me how?)

Congratulation, Damien! Yay!!!