Monday, June 19, 2006


Changeling Press are NOT going out of business.

Shifting Lust 2: The Warlord's Vengeance...

...gets FIVE (count 'em) FIVE stars from Candy at ecartaromance Sensual. Check it out...
"LexxieCouper continues the story of Kyra and Raiven with gusto. This is an exciting story filled with lava hot sex, action and adventure. The reader will be glued to the pages of this book until the story is over. All I want to know is when the next book in this series comes out. I am looking forward to reading it so I can find out what happens to Kyra and Raiven."

Thank you, Candy. I think I love you!

Zip over here for the full, wonderful, amazing review

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Shifting Lust 2: The Warlord's Vengeance gets some REVIEWS!!!

Wow, look at what the absolutely wonderful Annie over at Euro-Reviews has to say about Kyra and Raiven's second tale...

It's a rare pleasure to come upon an ebook i literally could not stop reading. I experienced this with Egyptian Lover 2: Sopdet, and again with this book. I didn't want to eat, be social, sleep,or do anything until I had raced through this book to its ending. THAT is how fast-paced this novella is. My only caution is that the book contains quite a bit of violent and violent sexual encounters, in Couper's futuristic Universe. But I loved this book nonetheless; and although I have not yet read Shifting Lust 1, the first in the series, I definitely will.

Check out the full review here...

Thank you, Annie. I think I love you! *grin*


Has a cover. I love it. I'd say it's my favourite so far. It captures the relationship between Raiven and Kyra perfectly. *sigh* You know, I will actually miss those two....

But now I'm back. Life got really nasty for a bit there. My husband has been unwell, but after a series of tests the dreaded C (cancer) has been ruled out! Yay!!

I also had a deadline to contend with. I think my editor was just about ready to skin me alive. But, after the worst case of writer's block and self-doubt, Shifting Lust 3: The Bounty Hunter's Prize is finished!! Another Yay!!! SL3 is the last in the Shifting Lust series. I had to be special and Kyra and Raiven had to have the ending they deserve. I hope you like it. It's released on the 23rd June at Changeling Press!

My daughter turned 2 in May. TWO! I can't believe it! Where did the last 24 months go? Now my husband and I are having the 'are we going to have another one?' talk. Could I really do it all again?

Anyway, this is but a short note to say Hi to anyone who happens to wander over her. Hi. I'm back.

With a vengeance!