Thursday, September 28, 2006



Tess Darcy moved to Kangaroo Creek to escape her past. But she may have made a mistake. There are strange things happening in Kangaroo Creek… a town where nightmares can become the most pleasant of dreams, and the most pleasant of dreams can become the most horrific of nightmares. She’s had plenty of fodder for nightmares in her life lately, but that’s not what’s waking her up at night, heart pounding and nerves jumping. She’s having some really hot -- hot! -- dreams full of naked flesh and moonlight. Every night, the same man visits her… and leaves her wanting more. But her dream lover is about to reveal his true intentions.
What Tess doesn’t know is that a Watcher has been sent for her protection. Jared is tempted every night as he watches Tess writhing in her dreams. If he falls into temptation, he’ll be sent to Hell. And if he fails in his mission to protect her, Tess may not survive her dreams.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Do you all know Renee George? She writes the hottest m/m stuff around. Well, not only is she a talented author, she's also a bloody talented artist!! And boy, when she creates she really CREATES!! Isn't this centaur beautiful! I can lamost feel his hair and I want to stroke him so badly my hands itch!


If you haven't met Renee yet go visit her at Romance The Night

God, isn't he delicious....

Sunday, September 24, 2006


Please bare with me for a bit today, Good People. I'm trying to teach myself all sorts of blog-fun!

The first is how to put a link in my post.

Let's see, does this work? It should link to a film site called JoBlo

Friday, September 22, 2006


by one of my students!!

Yep, that's right. He's done it again. One of my Year 10 boys (whom I shall refer to from here on in as Braces) popped the question again today. Now, when I say, pop the question, what I'm saying is he tells me, in front of the WHOLE class (that's 30 16 year old boys) that if Mr Couper's not doing his 'thing' properly, he's more than happy to step in to the job. "I'm talkin' a life commitment here, Miss."

Now there are two ways to respond to a sixteen year old boy under the influence of a hormonal-induce crush - you can let him down gently or you can crush his spirit, hopes and dreams. I opted for the first choice. I gave him a grin and said "Braces, maybe in another time and another life... Y'know, one where I'm not twice your age."

Would this say to you - 'that's sweet, Braces, but no' or would this say 'Oh, Braces, if only I could whip you away to another place I'd have my wicked way with you'? Y'know how Braces took it? Yep, the latter. During playground duty later today (which I love during Australian spring, but detest during Australian summer), a horde of Year Ten boys came runnning at me, telling me thay'd heard ALL about my 'horn-on' for Braces and how I was planning to leave my husband from him when he leaves school in two years time.


I guess I should have crushed him. How on earth am I going to explain this to the DH??? *grin*

Yours in perpetual disarray,


Thursday, September 21, 2006


Well, almost! : )

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I know my website is terribly out of date. It will be updated tomorrow night, I promise. My husband is my Webmaster and things aren't going that smoothly for his health lately. I hope you understand.

To make ammends - here's this month's Eight Ridiculous Question... With Emma Ray Garrett (who I absolutely adore!)

How far is too far? What to drive?? Fly?? Walk?? ROFLMAO!!? Seriously, too far for me is kiddies and scat.? Pretty much everything else is fair game.

Can you define happiness? Chocolate on chocolate on chocolate ice cream!? LOL!

What's the best sound in the world? My kids giggles. Nothin' like it.

What music would you like played at your funeral? Some good Scots music, oh and Black No. 1 by Type O Negative, MWAHAHAHAHA!

Would you rather lose an arm or a leg? Leg, it weighs more.

Are you a folder or a scruncher? If your talking about laundry, a folder. If you mean tacos, whichever way gets them down my gullett the fastest, LMAO!

Spit or swallow? ROFL, neither. He knows better than to get *that* in my mouth. Since my first child, I can't swallow anymore. Oh, wait, did you mean food I don't like?? LMAO, definitely spit.

If you were a porn star, what would be your name? Emma Ray, of course!

Now if you're not already a member, feel free to pop over to my newsletter group and become one. This month I'm giving away TWO of Emma Ray's most amazing books, plus Shadow Whispers! Hey, gotta love that, right? (Here's the addy - cause I ain't worked out how to create a link yet - )

Oh, and can you believe it - now I have bloody HAYFEVER!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Sneezily yours,


Saturday, September 16, 2006


I went to Sydney today (took my mum to see The Boy From Oz *grin*) so the DH had Peanut today ALL BY HIMSELF!!!!

Firstly, she poops her nappy (diaper) in a shop, reaches in and pulls it out to show him - something she has NEVER done before. EVER!!

Then, after he carried her to the loo and cleans her up - she begins to ask "Can we go to the shops to buy a sister?" According to the DH she asks him this at least TEN times before he loses it and says "No!" which she promptly bursts into tears and cries out "I want a SISTER!" and then "Muuuummmmmy!"

Suffice to say, toilet training begins in earnest tomorrow and we're thinking about 'doing some shopping' - yep..... you heard me right..... another little Couper may be on the way anytime after May next year. *grin*

Friday, September 15, 2006


There are lots of things I would like to tell you about: my daughter's transition from her cot (crib) to her 'big girl's bed', my current Works In Progress (I have FOUR, can you believe it!?), my husband's improved health, the fact I'm going to see Hugh Jackman in The Boy From Oz tomorrow with my mum, my mutt's recent rush to the vet and the proposal I received from one of my Year 10 students today (which still makes me giggle when I think about it).

Yep, there are lots of things I would like to tell you.... but I've been out for dinner and have had two vodkas and lime so I'm feeling a little ... well, a little 'unstable' shall we say...

So, TOMORROW night I will tell you all about my date with Hugh, OK? And maybe describe how my student popped the question. *grin*

Till then,

Lots of sloppy kisses,


Sunday, September 10, 2006


Here it is. From my first FULL-LENGTH erotic sci-fi called 'Highest Bidder'.

Chapter 1

Earth. 4216.76 New Time.

Dreylan Tarq was but two steps into The Puckered Tip when someone tried to kill him.

The Prijchan blade, short, black and lethally sharp, snickered through the space just to the right of his head, so close he felt the dank air ripple in its path. With a silent growl, Dreylan reached up, snatched it from the air and – with just a slight flick of his wrist - sent it flinging it back through the sex-club’s heady artificial environment. Straight into the forehead of the Prijcha who threw it.

There was a dull pop, followed by an ear-splitting squeal that silenced the raucous club. The crowd reeled as one. Seconds before the hulking blue-skinned Prijcha dropped to the filthy floor with a ground-shuddering thud, the black hilt of the knife jutting out between his two bulging eyes.

Dreylan turned away from the jerking form, casting an almost bored look over the gaping, silent partiers. “Anyone else want a go?”

No one said a word. Or dared draw a breath.

“Good,” Dreylan nodded. “Cause I’m thirsty.”

So? What do you think?


I'm not very good with this type of thing, but I wanted to show my respect and love for a man who encapsulated what it means - to me - to be an Aussie. Steve Irwin was a larrikin of the truest order. He had a love of animals and deep desire for the world to share that love, as well as a natural ability to educate and entertain. While some Australians cringed at his colloquialisms and charged him with lowering the world's view of Australia, to most he was a good bloke with a great sense of humour and a way with words that hearkened back to the days when it was totally OK to call someone 'mate' without being accused of being misogynistic or politically incorrect. I grew up in the country, away from Big City snobbery, and can say in all honesty Steve's way of talking - and his enthusiasm for all living creatures - was an everyday part of my life. Despite living in a big city now, I still use words like 'crikey', 'struth' and 'fair dinkum' regularly. Whenever I heard Steve Irwin use such words, I would always smile and get a warm glow - I am a proud Aussie and so was he. Perhaps the one of the proudest.

Irwin was a passionate conservationist and believed in promoting environmentalism by sharing his excitement about the natural world rather than preaching to people. He was concerned with conservation of endangered animals and land clearing leading to loss of habitat. He considered conservation to be the most important part of his work: "I consider myself a wild-life warrior. My mission is to save the world's endangered species." Irwin bought "large tracts of land" in Australia, Vanuatu, Fiji and the United States, which he described as "like national parks" and stressed the importance of people realising that they could each make a difference. He had urged people to take part in considerate tourism and not support illegal poaching through the purchase of items such as turtle shells, or shark-fin soup.

His untimely death is shocking and will leave a massive hole in the hearts of many people. It is a great loss and my condolences go out to his family, Terri, Bindi and Bob.


Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Firstly, a BIG thank you to everyone who sent me congrats on my 1st anniversary! You all made my day! *kiss*

Secondly, I have two wonners to announce - Contest #1 The lucky lady was Evadne. YAY for Evadne!! Evadne gets her choice of any FOUR books by Renee George (who is, in case I haven't mentioned it already, one of the sweetest people I know!).

Contest #2's winner is Dawn M! Dawn gets a $15 Gift Credit at Changeling Press. Dawn, when you go shopping can I recommend picking up anything by a little Aussie author? *grin*

So there you go. Dawn and Evadne! I hope you love your prizes, and thank you to everyone else who entered!