Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A Review To Blow Your Mind!

Well, it blew mine anyways. : )

This is one of the most amazing reviews I've received. AND the reviewer (the wonderful Isabelle over at RRT) compares me to Stephen King!!!!! OMG, I'm still floating!

Here's just a little peek - "SHADOW WHISPERS is a terrifying blend of eroticism and horror. The writing is impeccable and draws the reader in to the twisted tale with outstanding characterization, tremulous terror and curiosity as to who and what haunts Tess."

Check out the whole review here...
RRT Shadow Whispers review

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


My website is finally up-to-date!!! With a few little changes and a really BIG contest!! Check it out! NOW!!!!

Monday, November 06, 2006


The most wonderful Rachelle at Fallen Angel Reviews has this to say about Shadow Whispers...
"Okay, I feel as if I need to say a few Hail Mary’s after reading this deliciously creepy story about an ethereal and its human muse. Jared and Tess’ mind trysts were so vivid and powerfully seductive I found myself on the verge of exploding on more than one occasion. Lexxie Couper continues to earn her reputation of being a superior author. An excellent manipulator of the written word, in her latest story she plays with the dark side of love and obsession and shows how even in death they can still haunt you. Shadow Whispers is an intense psychological thriller full of eroticism and disturbing passions. The well-developed storyline is only part of the reasons why I found myself excited about the story from beginning to end. Ms. Couper’s ability to place me inside of Tess’ mind and experience her fears and desires made this a definite “must read again” book. I can’t say that everyone who reads this story will be as impressed but if you like your love stories to play around with the darker side of love and life, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed."

Rachelle, I think I love you!!! Thank you soooo much!