Wednesday, July 26, 2006

OK, so this is me! *grin* Well, sorta!

I'm trying to work out how to put this picture in my profile! Grrrrrrrrrr. I wish I wasn't techno-ly challenged!

I'm currently writing an erotic horror called Shadow Whispers. It's set in a small rural town in Australia (Kangaroo Creek - but the locals just call it the Creek).

Here's a little snippet. Enjoy!

Sucking her tongue deeper into his wet mouth, her lover moved his knees between hers, pressing her flatter to the floor with a bulk that somehow felt lighter than smoke. His hands left her breast and she whimpered in protest. She sensed, rather than heard his responding chuckle. As his mouth continued to drink from hers he pulled on her thighs, inching his palms down her legs until she locked them around his hips. The action thrust his cock harder against her cunt and a moan rolled in her throat as scorching bolts of white lust shot straight to her clit. Fuck, he was good. A master-craftsman, and she was his creation. A being forged from cold despair to become an object of burning, wanton desire.

Hands scouring up his back, she tangled her fingers in his silken hair and yanked up his head. She dragged the tip of her tongue up the bowed column of his neck, luxuriating in the gelidity of his smooth skin. He tasted like the night.

His Adam’s apple moved under her lips as an inaudible groan sounded in his throat. The response flooded her cunt with wet heat. She knew he wanted to pleasure her, but rarely did he let her know how much she pleasured him. The six times he’d come to her in her sleep he’d taken her to blissful release without once demanding anything of her - *the perfect dream lover* - but now his consuming desire had moved beyond the blaze in his eyes, the fevour of his actions. Now she knew she affected him too.

She moved her lips up his neck, let her teeth nip at his earlobe as her fingers moved to the hard pebbles of his nipples. His cock twitched as she dragged her thumbs across each and she felt new beads of pre-cum squeeze from its hot head.

*The only warm part of his body...*

The thought flittered through her befuddled brain, unimportant.


God, she wanted this so much. Wanted to have him fill her. Fuck her until the end of time.

Wanted so much for it to be more than a dream.

As if he heard her, the silent man lifted his head, staring at her with eyes that blazed. *It is more, Tess...*

The soundless words moved from his lips to her ears and Tess gasped. “You sp-“

He didn’t let her finish.

With a thrust that was both brutal and total, his cock plunged into her willing sex. So deep she felt its bulbous head press the wall of her sex.

“Oh, God!” She threw back her head, sinking her nails into his shoulders as he drove into again. Yet even as she did, her hands seem to grasp nothing.

*You’re going mad!*

Balls, heavy and hot with desire, slapped against her ass as he penetrated her again, again, again. Yes, she was going mad. A clear case of sexual insanity.

The fire roared higher. Devouring oxygen.

Lush lips fell on her neck, like ice on her sweat-slicked shoulder. Teeth nipped at her fevered flesh as a cock that grew larger and larger with every thrust, punched deeper into her pussy. Invading not only her sex, but her being as well. Filling her. Consuming her.

Possessing her.

So? What do you think?? S'OK, so far?

Shifting Lust 3: The Bounty Hunter's Prize gets some COFFEE, FLAGS AND STARS!!!

Three reviews have landed in my inbox for Shifting Lust 3: The Bounty Hunter's Prize!

Let's start with what the fabulous Regina at Coffee TIme Romance has to say about Kyra and Raiven's tale...

"Ms. Couper is a great writer! This book has everything from hot sex to action to romance. While the story is a bit graphic and violent in places, it kept me on the edge of my seat. Just when I thought I knew what was going to happen, the author inserted another healthy dose of twist and turn. A great read, and one I would recommend to anyone who enjoys science fiction with a dash of adventure and steamy sex! Four cups!"

Weeeeeeeeeeee! I'm doing the fruit-bat flap of happiness!! *grin*

Check out the full review here

Then there's Tallyn at JERR who give it 4.5 stars...

"Lexxie Couper has written a very erotic, passionate and romantic sci-fi adventure that I could not put down...The sex scenes, forced or craved, are so hot that toys are a must and extra batteries should be on hand...Shifting Lust 3: The Bounty Hunter’s Prize is a fascinating science fiction tale with the right amount of naughty bits that will have you craving for more. A definite keeper!"

And the last of the three - from the delightful Annie at Euro-reviews who raises FIVE flags for The Bounty Hunter's Prize...

"If you’ve read and loved the first two books in this series, do NOT hesitate to get this one! If you’ve not yet had the pleasure, then by all means, get all 3! There is graphic violence and rough sexuality, but the characters, the suspense, the twists and turns of the convoluted plotting of Lexxie Couper all insure satisfaction for all except perhaps the most delicately sensitive reader!"

You know, I was really worried about how this book would be received. It's very dark and violent which I know some people don't go for, and it's also the final installment in Raiven and Kyra's tale. There were a lot of loose ends to tie up, but I gotta say, some of the knots tied were pretty tangled. *grin* What I did to Kyra was pretty horrible, but what Drean goes through is torturous. But so far the feedback I'm getting is all good!!

I've had some readers ask if Drean will get his own series. The answer is a definite YES! His life has been pretty horrific and I really think his heart needs some TLC. Just who will be the lucky woman to ease his pain is still a mystery to me!

So, three great reviews! And my fruit-bat flap of happiness continues!!!